About Us

Based on more than 35 years of cutting edge competencies Ferrosan Medical Devices, Electromechanics develops and manufactures innovative and customized high-quality components, modules and full assemblies of medical devices under its own brand as a legal manufacturer and for globally leading companies.

We are developing, industrializing and manufacturing products with our two core areas in the medical device industry: devices for regional anesthesia and minimally invasive surgery.

At the core of our offerings is more than 35 years of experience in miniature electromechanics.

What we aim to deliver:
Innovation: We are driven by product leadership and we win by creating superior products and solutions based on a deep understanding of customer and end-user needs.
Strong partnership with our customers: Tier one supplier for key customers taking responsibility for managing a large part of or the entire value chain for a given product.

  • Cutting edge competencies within miniature electromechanics: Building on more than 35 years of experience in driving down size while improving performance.
  • Focus on high-quality yet cost-efficient production: Volumes ranging from a few thousands up to millions of units, in low-cost areas.
  • Employees who are creative, competent, open minded and empowered: To create value adding solutions for our partners.

We are ISO 13485 certified and our manufacturing processes are performed in controlled areas and cleanrooms located in Szczecin in Poland.



FeMD pragnie zapewnić pracownikom, partnerom i innym zainteresowanym stronom możliwość zgłaszania poważnych nieprawidłowości i niewłaściwego zachowania, jeśli takie zostaną wykryte lub doświadczone w FeMD.
Na przykład:

  • Zgłaszanie przestępstw, oszustw, fałszerstw, korupcji
  • Zgłaszanie przemocy, znęcania się, niechcianych zachowań o charakterze seksualnym
  • Naruszenie wewnętrznych wytycznych, które może prowadzić do interwencji organów publicznych, nieprawidłowości wykazanych w ramach przeprowadzanych audytów lub innych zagrożeń w zakresie bezpieczeństwa 

Nieprawidłowości i niewłaściwe zachowanie w żadnym wypadku nie są tolerowane, a FeMD wspiera pracowników i partnerów zewnętrznych w powstrzymywaniu i zapobieganiu takich zachowań. W tym celu FeMD stworzyło system informowania o nieprawidłowościach, który można wykorzystać do zgłaszania naruszeń.
Więcej informacji można znaleźć w wytycznych dotyczących systemu zgłaszania nieprawidłowości.

Link do portalu informatorów




Whistleblower policy Ferrosan Medical Devices

FeMD wishes to provide employees, partners, etc. an opportunity to report serious irregularities and inappropriate behavior if such are found or experienced in FeMD.

  • Reporting of crimes crime, fraud, forgery, corruption
  • Reporting of violence, bullying, unwanted sexual behavior
  • Violation of internal guidelines that may lead to regulatory intervention, audit remarks, security risks
This, as irregularities and inappropriate behavior are under no circumstances tolerated, and FeMD supports the employees and external stakeholders in speaking up to stop and prevent these from happening. To do so, FeMD has set up a whistleblower system which can be used for reporting observations.
For further information please consult the guidelines for the whistleblower system.

Link to whistleblowerportal

Privacy Policy for Whistleblower Scheme
Guidelines for Employees Regarding the Whistleblower Arrangement