Our recruitment process

We are looking for employees who want to develop and share their knowledge with others. The selection and hiring process at FEMD, Electromechanics involves several stages.

Stage 1 consists of creating a candidate’s profile and publishing an advertisement in the company’s internal network, on the Career section of our website, and on external hiring websites.

Stage 2
is the analysis of incoming CVs along with the candidate’s profile. We are particularly interested in your professional experience and education, so do not be afraid to show off the projects you have been working on or the tasks you have completed.

Stage 3
is an invitation for a job interview, which is conducted by a member of the HR department, often together with the manager of the department hiring a new employee.
At this stage we are focusing on getting to know you better and learning about your skills, experience and often your English proficiency. This is also the time when we would like to find out about your expectations regarding the company, the position, and the workplace and salary conditions. You will find out about the available position and the company itself. The duration of the interview is approximately one hour.

Stage 4
is a second interview for 2-3 candidates who meet our needs to a high level. You may be asked to undergo some tests (either personality or practical ones) depending on the position you are applying for. The duration of the second interview is approximately one hour.
PLEASE NOTE: Stages 3 and 4 may be combined. At the end of the hiring process all interviewees are informed about the results.

Stage 5 If you become our employee, you will participate in the Adaptation Program, which enables you to learn about the company structure, its customs and traditions and its staff policy. Foremost though, it will introduce you to all the people you will be working with on an everyday basis.

The people working for an organization are its main strength. Our employees are highly qualified and have well-developed social skills and great motivation for working in our company.
Our goal as an employer is to offer personal development opportunities to employees.