Welcome to Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S, Biomaterials

To be employed at Ferrosan Medical Devices, Biomaterials means being a part of an evolving work place, where committed employees thrive. At Ferrosan Medical Devices, Biomaterials, we emphasize the ability of our individual employees to take responsibility and to make decisions based on the given frameworks, while at the same time feeling completely confident in taking the initiative.

At Ferrosan Medical Devices, we value the fact that as fellow employees we are all different, and that we all have something different to contribute reaching our goal. At the same time, being happy in the workplace is important in our everyday life.

Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S prioritize health and safety
As company we are proud to announce that we make an effort to prioritize health and safety in our company. For this we have achieved a green smiley from the Danish Working Environment Authority.