Lene Karin Jespersen, Manager of Research and Project Management



I have been with Ferrosan Medical Devices since 2007.

I am overall responsible for our early projects in the Research Department and for our more mature projects in Product Development.

I like working at Ferrosan Medical Devices because not 2 days are the same. When working with projects I constantly learn new things as the projects move into new phases. Due to the relatively short development time of medical devices it is possible to closely follow all phases of the development of a product. It begins with the early ideas when we talk to our users to uncover unmet needs and get their feedback on our early prototypes. Then comes the development phase where we create all the documentation that shows that our device is efficacious and safe, and then to the phase of production and supply chain where all our knowledge about the product is needed to ensure a robust setup.

My preferred company value is: “We achieve our goals”. I am motivated by things moving forward and creating products for our users that makes a difference to them.

I appreciate my relationship with my colleagues and the fact that we all contribute with different competencies. We have an informal atmosphere and we strive to help each other across departments when deadlines are tight.