Application and hiring process

Available positions are posted on our job site, please go to link.

If we do not have a vacant position matching your wishes and competences, please feel free to create a profile including your resume and unsolicited application. Please select "sign in", hereafter "create an account". We look forward to receiving your application.

Your application should include both a covering letter and a CV.

The recruitment manager for each open position evaluates the applications and selects the applicants to be interviewed. The number of interviews will vary depending on the job type and the number of applicants. The applicant offered the job will typically have attended 2-3 interviews before the contract is signed.

Job interviews give you the opportunity to get to know us, as well as giving us the opportunity to get to know you. Both of us thus have the best starting point in reaching a decision on a possible hire.

All application documents are destroyed after six months.