Our People

The people working for an organization are its main strength. Our employees are highly qualified and have well-developed social skills and great motivation for working in our company.

Our goal as an employer is to offer personal development opportunities to employees.

Justyna Baniukiewicz, Quality Engineering Manager, Quality Engineering Department
  I have been working for Ferrosan MD, EM since I started as a trainee. I was then hired as a production engineering assistant. I have been a quality engineering manager since last year. With my team, I am responsible for validation processes, CE marking, and the documentation for designed and constructed machines and tools for our medical production activities.
Working for the company gives me a lot of satisfaction and enables my professional development. The international surroundings, where English is used on a daily basis, are also important to me.
Artur Błaszczyk, Group Leader, Biopsy Driver Department
  First and foremost, our company is where I met my wife!
I was hired in February 1998 as a technician. Within a few months I was promoted to the position of a foreman. Constantly improving my skills, I was promoted to my current position –Group Leader in the Biopsy Driver Department. This would not have been possible without the company’s support. I have felt appreciated and valued for all these years.
Working for Ferrosan MD, EM gives me the opportunity to work with experts in various fields, which allows me to constantly learn and acquire new knowledge.
Marek Frączkowski, R&D Engineer, R&D Department
  I try to be an open-minded, innovative R&D engineer on a daily basis. These are very important attributes when working in this position. I love challenges, team spirit and learning new things.
My adventure at Ferrosan MD, EM started at the very beginning of 2008 – a fair while ago, which shows that this is not somewhere you will get bored. Being a production, project, process, and finally R&D engineer is a short version of my career in the company, which has been helping me with my professional development. I have spent the majority of my time here in the world of biopsy. Aside from technical challenges, our projects are always related to human health, so I am proud that I can help people through what I do every day.
Jakub Witczak, Automation Engineer, Medical Engineering Department
  I started working as an electronics engineer in Medical Engineering Department in July 2011. Thanks to my colleagues’ kindness, openness, and willingness to share their knowledge and experience, my adjustment to the new surroundings proceeded smoothly and pleasantly.
I had the opportunity to actively participate in ongoing projects, so could adapt to the new conditions using my favorite method of "learning by doing".
Undoubtedly, a great advantage of my job is participating in projects that mostly involve prototypes of equipment/systems that will be used in our production lines.
Another very attractive thing about my job is the ability to carry out tasks using the latest technology. It all means that each project is unique and provides a sense of participation in creating something exceptional. It obliges me to constantly improve my skills and knowledge. And this is for me the most desirable feature of any job.