Invitation to Inventors

Our Ferrosan Medical Devices Electromechanics activities are driven by product leadership and we win by creating superior products and solutions. Part of our success derives from our close collaboration with pioneering inventors.

We are always on the outlook for new business opportunities within our key business area and warmly welcome new ideas. If you have invented a product or solution which you think may fit into our main areas of expertise and interest, then feel free to contact us.

Please bear in mind the following before contacting us:

  • Your invention must be related to our core activities within minimally invasive surgery and drug delivery or related areas.
  • Your invention must be related to our competencies within miniature electromechanics.
  • The material you provide must be non-confidential until a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed.


Contact Us

We cooperate with inventors and help bring ideas into reality when relevant for our core business as collaborator and supplier to globally leading medical device companies. Please contact Arnt Lund, at and let us hear about your invention.