Products and Technologies

Ferrosan Medical Devices, Electromechanics’ two main areas - devices for minimally invasive surgery and drug delivery systems - are based on decades of superior experience in miniature electromechanics.

Being involved in the entire process from understanding the voice of the customer (VOC, end user) over design to production, Ferrosan Medical Devices, Electromechanics acts as a tier one supplier for our customers taking over responsibility for managing a large part of or the entire value chain for a given product. Following the merger with Ferrosan Medical Devices, we are now also able to handle the regulatory aspects of taking a product all the way to the market.



Within Minimally Invasive Surgery, we offer the following:

  • Biopsy: Together with one of the globally leading medical device companies, we have developed and now produces an FDA approved fully automated vacuum-assisted biopsy device with single insertion multiple samples capabilities.
  • Other Customer-specific Solutions: We are working with several globally leading medical device companies on products and solutions where size, innovation, and stable and high quality matter based on our superior competencies within miniature electromechanics.

Within Drug Delivery, we develop and produces innovative products and solutions together with a globally leading drug delivery company.

Technologies and Competencies
Ferrosan Medical Devices Electromechanics technologies and competencies are based on close to four decades of experience in miniature electromechanics – from design and production engineering thru to qualification, industrialization and launch.

  • Innovative design of products and solutions where all aspects of design and development including product construction in 3D CAD systems, fast prototyping and own prototype lab. are integrated parts.
  • Product leadership based on cutting edge competencies within miniature electromechanics.
  • Design and manufacturing of assembly equipment professionally handled and managed by our highly skilled and competent production engineers, toolmakers and electrical software engineers.
  • Flexible and efficient cost effective assembly production based on Lean principles.
  • Establishing a stable and price efficient supply chain.

Assembly activities take place in controlled areas and class 8 cleanrooms in Szczecin, Poland.