We launched a new set of company values with associated behaviors in 2021. Our values and desired behaviors are reflections of our collective belief in how we want to lead and interact with each other at Ferrosan Medical Devices.


To further adopt and integrate our values, in 2022, we have updated our people processes and talent development frameworks to align with our values and desired behaviors. Today, all dialogue around employee performance, feedback and development has its point of departure in our values, as well as individual behavioral objectives.


PURPOSE: Making seconds count in surgical care

OUR VALUES We CARE about each other and the difference we make We OWN our decisions and actions, both individually and as a team We WIN for patients and surgeons by being ambitious and innovative
OUR BEHAVIORS We actively contribute to an engaging, fun, and healthy work environment.


We are role models and foster an atmosphere of openness, respect, and care.


We take responsibility for developing our company in a sustainable direction.


We provide and request timely and constructive feedback.

We communicate clearly, set direction, and ensure alignment of expectations.



We facilitate and foster collaboration.


We delegate responsibility and empower our colleagues.

We hold ourselves and others accountable.


We promote and require a quality mindset.

We raise the bar for success and support each other’s development.


We drive and enable execution.


We share knowledge and experience.


We encourage curiosity and foster learning.

We challenge the status quo to make things better, simpler, and more effective.








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