One-stop-shop medical device company

Since 1947 we have developed and manufactured surgical haemostatic products and medical devices for healthcare professionals.

Long history of developing and manufacturing surgical hemostats

Development and production

Ferrosan Medical Devices provides full circle competences from ideation and product development to manufacturing.

Innovation is part of our heritage - and our future

Our focus within our innovation effort is on improving haemostats by using biomaterials and enzymes to enhance the coagulation cascade.

Surgical gelatin-based adjunctive haemostats

Adjunctive haemostasis

Our range of topical adjunctive haemostatic products are developed in close collaboration with surgical teams worldwide to aid haemostasis during surgery.

Breast biopsy device

Advanced breast biopsy device

The world’s first handheld tetherless single insertion multiple samples breast biopsy device.

Manufacturing of haemostatic products

Production facilities

Manufacturing house and production facilities

Topical adjunctive haemostatic products

Haemostasis during surgery

Our products are CE marked and FDA approved and quality is framed by GMP regulations

Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S Achieves Key Milestone with First MDR Certifications

MDR Certifications

Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S has been awarded the first two MDR certifications

Who we are

Ferrosan Medical Devices develops and manufactures medical devices for haemostasis and biopsy procedures.

Join us

Being employed at Ferrosan Medical Devices means you will be be part of an evolving work place, where committed employees thrive.

Our people

We believe that our employees are the foundation of our success. We act as a strong team: innovative, open-minded, empowered and focused on creating solutions that add value for our partners.

About us

Haemostatic products since 1947

Heritage as part of the future

Our successful journey began approximately 70 years ago with the launch of SPONGOSTAN™ – our first absorbable haemostatic gelatin sponge.


Adjunctive haemostatic agent products

The haemostats developed and manufactured by Ferrosan Medical Devices are used by healthcare professionals worldwide to stop bleedings during surgeries.

Breast biopsy device

Together with our partner and clinicians we developed and launched the world’s first handheld tetherless single insertion multiple samples (SIMS) breast biopsy device.



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