Niels Jacob Herman Weitzmann established Ferrosan A/S in Copenhagen in 1920. In the beginning the company developed, produced and sold series of supplements to treat iron deficiency and other pharmaceuticals.


In 1947, Jens Herman Bang published his research on the use of a gelatin spange as an absorbable hemostatic agent for surgeons in the medical journal Acra Pharmacol. His ressearch served as the foundation for Ferrosan A/S when developing and launching its first hemostatic device, the gelatin sponge SPONGOSTAN™.


Since then, the company has advanced hemostatic technologies and improved bleeding control during surgery which benefits health care professionals and patients.


Based on the work by Jens Herman Bing, Ferrosan Medical Devices has kept innovating and persued geographical expansion. Today, we have a portfolio with a range of innovative medical devices focusing on biomaterial devices for diagnostic biopsy sampling used by health care professionals in more than 100 countries.


Until 2010 Ferrosan A/S developed produced, and sold prescription medicines, vitamin supplements, and hemostatic devices. To solely focus on hemostasis and medical devices. Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S was established that year, and the vitamin and pharmaceutical divisions were sold off. Since then the company has experienced continous double-digit annual growth sparked bye the continual launch of innovative and effective medical devices.


Ferrosan Medical Devices legacy demostates the dedication and commitment to developing innovative medical devices.

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