Adjunctive haemostatic agent products

The haemostats developed and manufactured by Ferrosan Medical Devices are used by healthcare professionals worldwide to stop bleedings during surgeries.


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Ferrosan Medical Devices works in close partnership with Ethicon (a Johnson & Johnson franchise), which is responsible for sales and marketing of the Ferrosan Medical Devices products, sold under the SURGIFLO™, SURGIFLO®, SPONGOSTAN™ and SURGIFOAM® trademarks in more than 100 countries.


Ferrosan Medical Devices is the legal manufacturer.


Ferrosan Medical Devices has produced gelatin-based topical absorbable haemostatic products for over 70 years. SPONGOSTAN™ Sponge was CE approved as a medical device in 1996 and approved under the name SURGIFOAM® Sponge by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through a pre-market approval (PMA) in 1999.


The selection of a particular haemostatic agent by a surgeon depends on a series of variables, such as: the type of surgery performed, the operative bleeding challenges, the patient characteristics, and the haemostatic properties of the product as well as its physical attributes. Surgical sites vary according to factors such as the ability to fully visualize the wound, the amount and nature of the bleeding encountered and the tissue and surrounding area. Surgeons are focused on controlling the bleeding, thus allowing surgery to continue and most importantly to ensure that bleeding has ceased before surgery ends. The Operating Room nurse is also responsible for important tasks during surgery. He or she is expected to be one step ahead of the surgeon and to ensure that products and instruments are ready upon the surgeon’s request. In addition, the nurse will perform various documentation tasks during surgery.

ISO 13485 certificate for Poland



For download the ISO 13485 certificate for Poland:








Our polish manufacturing processes are performed in controlled areas and cleanrooms located in Szczecin, Poland.




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