Our Legacy

Long history of developing and manufacturing surgical hemostats

Since 1947 Ferrosan Medical Devices has developed and manufactured haemostatic products, used by healthcare professionals to stop bleedings during surgical operations. We work in close partnership with Ethicon, Inc (Johnson & Johnson), who is responsible for sales and marketing of our products, sold under the SURGIFLO™, SPONGOSTAN™ and SURGIFOAM® trademarks in more than 100 countries. In addition we develops and produces handheld biopsy devices, used by physicians for breast cancer diagnostics and  electronic pumps for continuous dispensing of medicines.

Our focus is to develop solutions to clinical problems within biosurgery and thus to provide healthcare professionals globally with new innovative therapeutic alternatives that will make a positive difference to them and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Ferrosan Medical Devices employs 300 people at headquarters in Soeborg, close to Copenhagen and 100 employees in Szczecin, Poland.


Our story

Growth sparked by innovation

We have a strong focus on innovation and a sound pipeline of new development projects combined with high investments in optimizing the existing business and new market expansions.

We are a fast-growing company that has seen a significant increase in headcounts over the past few years. We have strong capabilities within clinical insights, research and development, quality management and operations. As an innovation and manufacturing house, Ferrosan Medical Devices provides full circle competences from identifying and investigating the user need, to developing concepts and products based on clinical insights, to finally registering and manufacturing the product.

Our long-term strategy involves several early innovation projects focusing on discovering the next generation of haemostatic products.  This happens in close collaboration with our main customer and innovation partner Ethicon Inc, part of Johnson & Johnson.

Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S was established by legal separation from Ferrosan A/S on 1 June 2010 focusing on haemostatic products and medical devices. Since then, we have experienced profitable growth, tripling our revenue base. Our ambition and goal is to continue this journey in the years to come.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our business. If you are excited about our company, our history and our future, check out our career section for open positions. We look forward to meeting you.

Our history

Heritage as part of the future

Ferrosan A/S was founded in 1920 in Copenhagen by Niels Jacob Herman Weitzmann. Ferrosan means “healthy iron”.  Ferrosan developed an iron supplement product later called Idozan. Subsequently, the drug Sanocrysin for the treatment of chronic rheumatoid arthritis was launched.

In 2010 Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S was demerged from Ferrosan A/S and established as its own legal entity. The entry of Ferrosan A/S into the haemostatic area dates back to 1947 when the company developed and launched its first product, the gelatin sponge SPONGOSTAN™. This product was developed in close collaboration with professor, dr.med Jens Herman Bing – Professor of General Pathology and Head of the Pathophysiological Laboratory at the Department of General Pathology at the University of Copenhagen. Jens Herman Bing was affiliated with Ferrosan A/S from 1947.

In 1947 Jens Herman Bing published his research on the use of a Gelatin sponge (SPONGOSTAN) as an absorbable haemostatic agent in the medical journal Acta Pharmacol. The article was titled: “Experimental observations on the use of a Danish gelatine sponge preparation (spongostan) as an absorbable haemostatic agent” (1947, 3, 364-372).

The gelatin sponge was CE approved as a medical device in 1996 and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through a pre-market approval (PMA) in 1999.

The extensive knowledge about bleedings and haemostat technologies that has been built over more than 75 years is the heritage of Ferrosan Medical Devices. This heritage constitutes the foundation for an exciting future that will push the boundaries of bleeding management.

See our history
Our Vision and Mission

Solutions that add clinical value to healthcare professionals


A world where surgeons and nurses perform surgeries without interruption or complications from bleedings or leaks.


Provide innovative solutions to stop bleedings and leaks during surgery; enabling successful clinical outcomes.



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