New Ideas

Do you have a new idea?

At Ferrosan Medical Devices we are always open to new ideas that can enhance our development work.

Our key areas of interest are:

  • Haemostatic agent products
  • Enzymes and other active components that enhance the coagulation cascade
  • Surgical devices related to haemostasis, regional anesthesia, biopsy or drug delivery

Please bear in mind the following before contacting us: Your invention must be related to our core activities. The material you provide must be non-confidential until a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed.

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Innovation is a part of our heritage – and our future


Innovation is an integral part of the culture and DNA of Ferrosan Medical Devices. We invest heavily in innovation and are working on an exciting pipeline of new products. This pipeline includes a range of early concepts under development as well as products whose design is being finalized and that will be launched in the coming years.


Our key technology includes biomaterials, like gelatine, that are processed and used in combination with active components like thrombin to produce high-end and technologically advanced hemostats for surgeries. In addition, Ferrosan Medical Devices has strong competences within miniature electromechanics used, for example, in devices to administer regional anesthesia.


Our focus within our innovation effort is on improving haemostats by using biomaterials and enzymes to enhance the coagulation cascade. We are also driving innovation that simplifies and accelerates the work process for nurses and surgeons. In the future, our innovation may not be limited to haemostasis, but may include adjacent challenges in the operating theater like surgical leaks, adhesions etc.




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