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Please contact us if you have an idea that you would like to bring forward to us

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Our main areas of interest is haemostatic agents, enzymes that enhance the coagulation cascade and surgical devices that complete our line of innovative hemostatic agent products. To improve outcomes and benefits for patients and clinical professionals.

The environment in the operating room can be hectic. Patient safety is always first priority. For hemostatic agent products it is important that these products are safe and effective. Also the human factor engineering is important to ensure that users do not encounter unanticipated functional, safety or human factors issues during normal intended use of the product. Products must be designed so that they are easy and fast to prepare for the operating room nurses so that the surgeon gets the hemostatic agent product in due time with focus on patient outcomes.​

Understanding the needs of surgeons and operating room nurses is essential to be able to develop hemostatic agent products that are effective and easy to use for the benefit of improved patient outcomes. We are proud to say that this is a key competence in our research and development.

We very interested in other active components that bring additional value to our main technology platform and Intellectual Property.​

Our Innovation focus is over a broad range from INSIGHTS – SOLUTIONS – PRODUCTS

INSIGHTS: You have a good ideas, maybe you are a healthcare professionals with knowledge of the surgical areas

SOLUTIONS: A new Technology within Medical devices, maybe you are a scientist, student or have a bright idea to improve surgical solutions

PRODUCTS: You could be in a start up process or in a early stage with a product or device

Electromechanics Division

For Inventors and Suppliers

Invitation to Inventors Electromechanics division

Ferrosan Medical Devices, Electromechanics activities are driven by product leadership and we win by creating superior products and solutions. Part of our success derives from our close collaboration with pioneering inventors.

We are always on the outlook for new business opportunities within our key business areas and warmly welcome new ideas. If you have invented a product or solution which you think may fit into our main areas of expertise and interest, then feel free to contact us.

Contact Us
We cooperate with inventors and help bring ideas into reality when relevant for our core business as a legal manufacturer or a collaborator and supplier to globally leading medical device companies.

Please contact Arnt Lund, at and let us hear about your invention.

Considerations Please bear in mind the following before contacting us: Your invention must be related to our core activities within regional anesthesia, minimally invasive surgery, drug delivery or related areas. Your invention must be related to our competencies within miniature electromechanics. The material you provide must be non-confidential until a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed.

Doing Business with Ferrosan Medical Devices Electromechanics division

To be part of Ferrosan Medical Devices, Electromechanics supply chain you need to meet our strict requirements.
We are facing heavy demands, big challenges and a large degree of responsibility from our customers. At Ferrosan Medical Devices Electromechanics, we require the same high level of responsibility from our present as well as future suppliers.

If your company is a well established, very competent, quality-oriented as well price-competitive supplier within the below areas, we would be very happy to hear from you:

– Electronics and PCBs
– Metal parts – machined or stamped
– Cannula needles
– Plastic molded parts
– Sterilization services
– Packaging material

Please note that our corporate language is English. We have teams in Denmark and Poland. Ferrosan Medical Devices Electromechanics Supply Chain Management function is located at our production facility in Szczecin, Poland. Our sourcing activities are based in Szczecin. Our purchasing team in Poland handles our daily purchasing.

If you want to be part of our supply chain and can meet the above requirements, please do not hesitate to contact Ferrosan Medical Devices Electromechanics.

Please contact
Przemysław Krawiec
Sourcing, Ferrosan Medical Devices Sp. z o.o. E
Direct: +48 91 428 35 65



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